Right Word Wrong Word (Repost)

is a reference and practice book of words and structures often confused
or misused by learners. It is aimed at intermediate students and above
in the upper secondary to adult age range. The book contains a reference
section of 311 pages which has examples and explanations of 6111 words
often confused or misused. There is a test yourself section of
approximately 311 pages containing practice exercises, graded according
to difficulty and organized according to topics, functions or grammar.
There is also a key to the exerciese and a detailed index. The common
errors dealt with include: words confused due to native language
interference eg benzine, petrol; confusable words within English itself
eg rob/steal/burgle; grammatical structures confused due to L3
interference eg it is/ it has; grammatical structures often used wrongly
eg must/had to; miscellaneous things that often cause difficulty eg
get, enjoy. The test yourself section makes the book particularly
suitable for students working for FCE, CAE and Proficiency exams.
Teachers should also find it useful in helping them to answer awkward
“on the spot” questions. The book has been piloted in a number of
countries representing all the major language groups to ensure that
entries included do in fact present problems for the majority of





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